Full Time Walk- ($30) A full one hour walk that will surely release all your pets stored up energy! 

(This price is for one dog only, if you have more than one dog needing to be walked, it will be an additional $5 for each dog added.)


Relieving Walk- ($20) A nice 30 minute walk to give some relief to your furry friend!

(This price is for one dog only, if you have more than one dog needing to be walked, it will be an additional $5 for each dog added.)


Stroll Walk-  ($15) A quick 20 minute stroll around the neighborhood! 

( This price is for one dog only, if you have more than one dog needing to be walked, it will be an additional $5 for each dog added.)


SPECIAL*** (For first time customers only)- ($14) Get a 30 minute walk all for just $14. Have more than one dog? It will only be an additional $3 for each dog added! 

Take advantage of this special deal and save big!


Nails Galore - ($12-15) A nail trimming to purrfection!

 (This service applies to both dogs and cats.) 


Bubbly Paws- ($25-$35) A soothing bath and blow dry that will have your pet feeling fresh and relaxed. We can work with your preference of indoor or outdoor bathing!  (Price may vary depending on your pets size, applies to both dogs and cats) 


SPECIAL*** (First time customers only)- ($20) This Special includes a bath, blow dry & a nail trim all for only $20, Take advantage of this special deal and save big!

(If you have more than one pet please contact us for special deal pricing!) 



Going out of town and need help with your pets? We got you covered!

Just schedule the days and hours you want us to come by to feed, walk, and play with your critter!

We also will include complimentary services such as picking up your mail, taking out the trash, or any other special requests that you may have!

(We do provide overnight sittings, at an extra charge)

Prices vary, click the "Sitting Pricing" Button below for pricing.

Poop Scoop

Got a lawn full of poop? We can get that cleaned up for you no problem! Contact us today to get a team member to scoop up your poop. 


Athletes Only Jog/Run - ($18)

Does your dog have a never ending energy source? Do you feel as if he/she will never calm down even after normal exercise? Well this service is for you! We can help your pet get the jolt of exercise he/she needs. With the athletes only jog we will jog/run with your dog for 20 minutes straight! (we do include rest breaks, and provide water during your pets run to ensure his/her comfort and overall wellness). If you feel your pet needs more than 20 minutes please contact us.

Running out of your pet's favorite food? We can help you with that! Just give us a call, schedule a day and time, provide a preferred pet store location, give us a list of what supplies you are needing, and we will deliver those to you that same day! Or for whatever day you schedule the delivery to be.

You will be charged upon delivery.

Note- There is a $5-8 delivery fee for all deliveries.

Vet Drop Off

We want to save you some time by providing vet drop off services. Provide us a time, and location, and we will work to efficiently transport your pet to the your vet. 

(Price Varies)

Important Information to Know:



NOTE- If it's chilly outside, We do provide doggy sweaters to ensure the comfort of your pet! 

  • If you are booking a bathing service, please be sure your pet is generally comfortable with others handling him/her. We strive to perform the best service possible for your pet and try to take every step possible to avoid any possible injuries to us or your pet! If you are not sure how your pet is with others contact us for a meet and greet (free of charge). Meet and greets are our way of getting to know you and your pet a little better before starting a service.

($10,15,20) We require 24 hours in advance for cancellations on bathing services and in home-sitting services and a 2 hour notice in advance for walking and delivery services. If you fail to notify us of any cancellations in the due time we will charge you a cancellation fee. 

  • All Grooming services are performed in the comfort of your home. We will work with your preference of Indoor or outdoor bathing. We bring all tools necessary for an effective grooming session, including cleaning supplies. We always make sure to clean our work area before leaving so you don't have to worry about mess!


To book or schedule a service for your pet, just simply contact us or you could also book online! If you book online with us we may contact you following your booking to confirm price and any other information we may need from you! After you book with us, we will send you an invoice directly to your email, you then have the option to pay online or in person.

If you have any questions regarding how to book, contact us!