If you are scheduling a service for your pet and you are not going to be home please be sure to notify us in advance. Make sure to place a key to your residence in a safe, hidden, and accessible spot, or ask us about our other options. We will ask you while you are scheduling your pets service for any additional entry information such as gate/door codes if necessary.

Cocker Spaniels

All walks that are completed with the owner being away from home will include walk summary's. Summary's are a way of us providing you with a sense of security. We will send you pictures or video of us walking your critter and also a summarized map showing where, how long and how far we walked with your pup.  If you would like to opt out of walk summary's just kindly let us know, and we will only inform you of when the walk has started and ended. 

 We at A Fur Affair Pet Care truly understand how important your home and pet safety is, so we will always make sure to lock all doors and place the key wherever you initially hid it. 

This is our way of promising our customers that if you book a service with us, we will make sure to take every step possible in order to create a sense of safety for our customers.